Aldair Garcia DOMINGOS

 12 November 2003


CD Primeiro de Agosto

Angola U20



189 cm

Good muscular structure, with room to develop.

Aldair is able to play both in a line of three and in a line of four defensively.

He has good progression and speed.

Aldair possesses good technical skills playing with the ball and building up the game.


Aldair is a central defender standing at around 189cm tall, right-footed, with a good body structure to be defined. Technically effective in ball control and passing, he has strength and power, he is fast and has quick reactions. Tactically he can play in a line of three as an outright marker or in a defensive line of four. He is very strong in tackling, aerial battles and aggressive in defensive 1 vs 1 duels where he attacks the opponent every time to control him from the back. Aldair displays a good progression and speed that he shows when he has to cover the defensive space. He possesses good skills playing with the ball and building up the game with good technique. He has plenty of room to develop his overall game in the right team.