26 October 2002


Elite United

Gambia U20

 Striker/ Winger


183 cm

Scored 31 goals in his first 39 games for Elite United.

He's capable of playing as a lone striker thanks to his speed, which allows him to run in behind defence and get on the end of through balls.

His combination of 85 sprint speed and 75 finishing enables him to pose a constant threat to his opposition- and he's undoubtedly one of the best strikers in this price range.

Alieu boasts 77 finishing, 75 long distance shooting and 80 shot power, allowing him to score from relatively long distances.

He's decent at distributing the ball across short distances, as his short passing is rated 75.

Alieu's ability on the ball sets him apart from most bargain strikers.

He is bestowed with a four-star skill rating, 82 agility and 82 balance, enabling him to run effectively when in possession of the ball.

He boasts 83 strength which allows him to protect the ball effectively when engaging in physical battles on the pitch.

He's capable of featuring for your club on a consistent basis and has got the potential to become an even higher-rated player and command a much higher fee eventually.


Alieu Barry is a striker that shows a great ability to play in different systems and formations.

On the offensive side of things Alieu demonstrates different skills as playing between lines in the support movement to connect the game with his team-mates, while also showing the versatility to play out wide. Alieu’s greatest strength is his finishing. His ability to find space and his technique and accuracy in his finishing correspond to a high-level performance for a striker. In the offensive transition Alieu can start attacks on his own or combine with his team-mates on the counter attack. He displays good decision-making ability adding to his speed, ball control and finishing technique.

In offensive set-pieces Alieu has the ability to win aerial duels and demonstrate goalscoring prowess.

In the defensive process, Alieu has the skills to do an intensive high pressure helping in the ball recovery process. He also creates a compact block putting the lines together achieving a good position that prepares the team for the offensive transition after the recovering of the ball. In the defensive transition Alieu has a good intensity in the reaction when the team loses ball possession.

In summary, Alieu Barry is a complete striker that achieves very good numbers regarding goalscoring and also contributes greatly to the team system.


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