Gonçalo BORGES

 29 March 2001


FC Porto B

 Right/Left Winger


184 cm

 Goncalo is a very fast and dynamic player
 Great dribbler and very skilful winger
 Displays great ball control
 Consistent provider of goal assists
 Displays good game vision
Able to play on both the right and left sides



Goncalo is an offensive right winger with impressive technical skills, who is predominantly right-footed but also very skilful on his left foot. He has a slim athletic build standing at 184 cm and he has good physical resistance. He is extremely fast with and without the ball and his speed and technical skills makes him very good in 1 v 1 situations. His dynamic running with the ball helps him create numerical advantages in the attacking third of the pitch and his decision making and vision helps create numerous goalscoring opportunities for his team-mates. He is equally adept at playing both on the right and left side and can also play in a more central attacking role.


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