Oscar COLL

  19 June 2000


RCD Mallorca

Central Midfielder


178 cm

Very good individual technique
Great game organizer
Very good first touch
Good dribbling and passing ability
Free-kick set-piece specialist
Good shot from outside the box
 Provider of goal assists


Oscar plays as number 8 both on the right and left in a midfield of 3 but he is versatile in that he can also play in a midfield of 2 close to a strong defensive midfielder. Normal body structure is around 178 cm, which he can improve. Right-footed, he plays well also with the left. Very good technical skills in control and passing and can compete physically. Tactically, he has a good vision of the game, he looks forward and passes quickly, he likes to play with the ball and everytime he tries to deliver the ball vertically.
Good timing at attacking the opponent’s penalty area.


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