Sayha SEHA

15 January 2005


ESTAC Troyes U17

France U16

Offensive Winger
      /Wide Striker


170 cm

Offensive all-rounder
Combination of speed with remarkable skills
His unpredictability makes him hard for defenders to handle
Very good decision maker
Very good reading of the game


Sayha is a very talented winger with good agility and balance. He is 170 cm tall and can play across all the offensive positions. He can play as a winger on both sides and also as a shadow striker next the centre forward. He combines speed with remarkable technical skills, including good dribbling and unpredictability in his game making it really hard for defenders to mark him. Sayha has a natural striker’s instinct and reads the game well, in fact he has very good decision making while covering the final third of the field. He delivers very good results in terms of passing and shooting.
Sayha is very focused and has important leadership skills inside the changing room. He has a significant growth potential.


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