14 April 1999


Deportivo Alaves

 Right Box-to-Box


195 cm

Sergi has superb technical skills and a great change of pace during all the game.
He can play both as a box-to-box midfielder and as a winger.
Sergi is equally adept at playing with both feet.
Very good in control, management and use of the ball.


Sergi is a player with excellent technical skills and his main characteristic is a sudden change of pace with which he imposes continuous runs throughout the game. He has often been used as an offensive left and right winger, being able to play with both feet, but his preferred position is that of a box-to-box midfielder, a role in which he will be utilised in Alaves’ B team.
He has good qualities in the control, management and use of the ball, although he must make better use of his height in aerial play.

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