12 August 2004

French/ Malian

Montpellier U17

 Left Offensive Winger


175 cm

He is an offensive winger, left-footed, who shows his best qualities by playing close to goal.

Explosive player, fast on the run, with an excellent change of pace.

Equipped with excellent dribbling skills that allows him to attack in always different ways.

He has good goalscoring instincts, always following the action and he is extremely reactive and aware inside the penalty area.


Solo Bidanessy is an offensive winger, left-footed, standing at 175cm tall. He has a low centre of gravity, with a muscular physique which has still room for development. He displays his best skills in a 4-3-3 system, closer to the goal. He is a traditional winger who likes to play very wide, almost hugging the touchline. He is an explosive player, who is very quick in short spaces and has a change of pace for mainly medium and short distances. He is technically very strong and uses multiple solutions when dribbling. He has good crossing ability which has room for improvement, and he is improving in his movement when receiving the ball. Solo has an eye for goal as he always follows the action allowing him to read the game and show good reaction in the opposition’s penalty area. He would perform better playing as an inverted winger cutting in from the right side on his favoured left-foot to be able to affect the game more. He is a player with exciting potential and with ample room for physical, technical, tactical and mentality improvement.

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